About biofireplaces

Biofireplaces "Fire Lux" are environmentally friendly source of heating - they heat up quickly, do not emit any harmful gases, burn without smell, smoke and soot. Besides, you don't need a chimney and wood for heating. Their heat dissipation is about 3,5 kw and can normally heat an area of 25 square meters.

Biofireplaces "Fire Lux" burn ethanol - it is an ecological product that is produced from cellulosic biomass - wheat, millet, corn, cane, which makes them completely harmless.

The fireplaces are mobile and can be beautiful interior addition to your home or public place - hotel, restaurant, bar, office and others. Moreover, they are an additional heat source to your traditional system.

In collaboration with famous designers we design and execute individual projects with high technical complexity, both for home and corporate clients.