Terms & Conditions

Basic concepts

In the interpretation and application of these Terms and Conditions, the following terms and expressions have the following meanings:

"Website / site" is a distinct place in the global Internet network available through its HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol URL and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.

"Customer" means any natural person over 18 years of age or a legal entity that has accepted these Terms and Conditions.

"Account" is a separate part of www.fire-lux.com containing customer information provided by it at its registration and stored by www.fire-lux.com, access to the client profile being made by entering a username and password. The account allows the customer to view and edit his or her registration data, shipping addresses, ordering goods from the e-commerce website www.fire-lux.com, change his password.

A "username" is a unique code of letters and / or digits by the client, which distinguishes it individually from www.fire-lux.com.

A "password" is a client-selected code of letters and / or digits, which together with the user name makes it unique and gives him the ability to make valid queries to purchase the goods offered at www.fire-lux.com.

"Manufacturer" means any natural or legal person who professionally produces finished goods by affixing his name or company, his manufacturing or other distinctive sign to the product, its packaging or the technical or commercial documentation for it.

"Packaging" means any device or material that is capable of performing the function of containing and storing different goods offered directly to the customer.

"Link" is a link identified on a specific website that allows automated forwarding to another website, information resource, or object through standardized protocols.

"Website" is a composite and distinct part of a website.

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions of the Distance Selling Agreement that govern the relationship between Opencart-bg.com on the one hand and the Customer of the electronic (internet) pages and services that have agreed to these General Terms and Conditions, called Customer, on the other hand , located on the domain www.fire-lux.com (hereinafter referred to as the website), in connection with the purchase of goods offered through www.fire-lux.com.

These conditions bind all customers. By using the platform at www.fire-lux.com and by clicking on any object, link (electronic link) or button located on the pages of www.fire-lux.com, the client agrees, fully accepts and undertakes to observe these General terms.

These Terms and Conditions may be changed unilaterally by www.fire-lux.com. Upon making changes to the Terms of Service, www.fire-lux.com undertakes to publish the new Terms and Conditions at www.fire-lux.com and to write the date on which they are updated. www.fire-lux.com advises its customers to periodically review current Terms and Conditions because they are binding on them.


www.fire-lux.com sells and delivers to the customer the products offered at www.fire-lux.com and goods ordered by him after registration or filling in of order request and payment of the respective price, strictly observing by the customer these Terms and Conditions.


www.fire-lux.com publishes a description of the main features and image of each good, the sale price, including VAT, information on payment and delivery methods.

www.fire-lux.com is not responsible for the product characteristics specified by the manufacturer.


www.fire-lux.com has the right to change prices at its sole discretion at any time, without due notice to customers. The customer is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of signing the contract. In the event of technical errors in publishing the site, www.fire-lux.com has the right to refuse to execute the contract and shall not owe compensation in any way to the client except to reimburse the amounts paid by the customer, if any.


The customer has the right to refuse to receive the goods he has requested when the goods delivered apparently do not correspond to the order requested by the customer and this can be ascertained through his usual review, the goods or the packaging was damaged and the price the customer to pay does not correspond to the price due.

The customer, which is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, is entitled to return a product purchased by him within 14 days of the date of receipt. For this purpose, you must send a statement of withdrawal from the concluded contract to www.fire-lux.com and in accordance with the provisions of Art. 55 of the CPA. For this purpose, the object of the transaction must be in its original packaging, intact, with no traces of use or distortion of the commercial appearance of the goods. The transport costs of returning the product are at the expense of the customer. The customer has no right to return the goods with cash on delivery because returns require prior review and damage assessment. Refunds are sent only after a view within 3 days of receiving the shipment. The customer is obliged to reimburse the shipping cost of sending the shipment when the customer breaks down the deal.

Standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal:

Annex 6 to Art. 47, para. 1, item 8 and Art. 52, para. 2 and 4 of the CPA

(New, SG No. 61/1914, in force as of 25.07.2014)

Standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal:

(fill in and submit this form only if you wish to cancel the contract)

- To

- I hereby notify / notify ________________________________

- Ordered on _______________ / received on _______________

- User name (s) _______________________

- User's address (s) _______________________

- Signature of user (s) (only if this form is on paper)

- Date: _______________________ Signature: __________________________

Return of goods does not apply to:

products with a specific packaging method which, after unpacking, can not be returned to their original state

custom-made products and individual customer requirements

wholesale purchases

Upon receipt of the shipment, the customer should check the contents of the shipment package for the submitted order.

In case of violations of the appearance of the goods, the client should contact the courier, who is obliged to draw up a protocol for damage to the shipment. In the cases where no damage report is drawn up, the customer is not entitled to make any claim to www.fire-lux.com.


In cases of outstanding issues, the client has the right to address the controversial questions to our associate on the indicated phone numbers, e-mail, feedback form, and correspondence address.

How can I order?

Online order via registration.

You can order your order through the online store at any time of the day.

Choose a product. You can view the products we present from the side menu (left side of the store).

Once you have selected a product from the catalog, click on it to view the detailed information about it: product information and its features. Below the product description, you will find all sizes with corresponding prices.

If the product in question meets your requirements, add it to your Order by clicking on the ADD button.

Once you have entered your Order, you will see the product (s) you selected.

The next step will require you to be a registered shop user. If you already have a registration, use it, if you do not have one, press the FREE REGISTRATION button, where you will register again, then fill in the payment information correctly (it contains the address to which the product you ordered will be sent). which you have indicated in the registration will receive a link to confirm the registration on the site.

In the next step, make sure your delivery address is correct, and if everything is OK, enter a verification code and check that you agree to the general terms and conditions on the site and click the ORDER button.

If the order is made correctly on the email listed in the registration, you will receive information about the order you made.

Online order without registration

Order without registration is not allowed because the products in this store are completely downloadable. To access the purchased archive files you must have created an account where you will find a link "Downloads" where your orders are stored.